Eveready is one of the top battery manufacturers and suppliers in the world. EVEREADY automotive batteries are designed for high heat resistance to ensure unparalleled performance even in demanding climatic conditions. The optimized grid design gives long life, and the active material has been developed to endure the aggressive usage conditions. The unique labyrinth cover in Eveready truck batteries has been coupled with the flame arrestors and special caps for safety
  We expanded our product range in obtaining the distribution rights of Eveready Battteries in the UAE. These batteries are designed to deliver long battery life performance through optimized grid design using the most modern European manufacturing technologies.
 Ideal is one of the major suppliers, dealers, stockists and resellers of EVEREADY batteries in UAE and MENA region for the past several years. EVEREADY range of products include batteries that are suitable for different machinery and equipment for a wide variety of industrial uses like automotive, manufacturing, power generation and other industries.
 The brand value of EVEREADY is such that it usually is the first name that comes to your mind when you think of batteries. It is widely popular all over the world and it has a dedicated team of technicians and professionals who are ready to assist you
 As a trusted dealer of EVEREADY Batteries, IDEAL carries huge stock in our modern warehouse so that all your requirements can be met with minimum delivery time.

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