Bosch Batteries provide fast, reliable starting power meeting the demands of many applications. In 1922, Bosch made its mark in battery production. From manufacturing batteries for passenger vehicles to off-highway applications, Bosch continuously revolutionizes its line of products for the automotive industry across the globe. With today s cars being fitted with more and more components that run on electricity, having a high quality and reliable battery power is ever more essential. Batteries from Bosch deliver better performance and dependable power for every car, as well as those with Start-Stop Systems and Alternator Management Systems.
 Ideal is one of the major suppliers, dealers, stockists and resellers of BOSCH batteries in UAE and MENA region for the past several years. BOSCH range of products comply with European standards and include batteries that are suitable for different cars like Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagon, Audi, etc.
 It has received international certifications and Testimonials from independent institutions, which is a proof of its technical superiority over other brands. BOSCH CAN offer to its clients onsite technical support by highly qualified and trained professionals.
 BOSCH batteries are widely popular all over the world and it has a dedicated team of technicians and professionals who are ready to assist you at all times.
 As a trusted dealer of BOSCH Batteries, IDEAL carries huge stock in our modern warehouse so that all your requirements can be met with minimum delivery time.